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Equine Email Lists

Interested in communicating with other gaited horse enthusiasts worldwide?

Emailing lists are groups of folks who join together via e-mail to discuss a range of topics that concern their favorite breeds of horses. Here are several that target gaited breeds:

Icelandic Horse

To subscribe: go to click on 'finding a list'; click on 'Animals'; scroll down to 'Icelandichorse' and click on it; click on 'Subscribe to list.'

Spirit Walk (Tennessee Walkers, Racking Horses and Spotted Show Horses)

To subscribe: go to Click on 'Animals'. Scroll down to 'Spiritwalk' and click on it. Click on 'subscribe to list.'

Runningwalk (Tennessee Walkers)

To subscribe: e-mail and in the message type "subscribe runningwalk".

Pleasure Saddle Horse Registry

A registry formed to give gaited horse breeders an opportunity to crossbreed different breeds of gaited horses. The Registry validates and records the offspring from these matings with a permanent record and registration papers.