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These Profiles Coming Soon!

American Walking Pony
Cape Horse
Sable Island Horse
Wushen Mongolian


Currently Available Profiles:

American Saddlebred
Banker Horses
The Campolina
Gaited Curlies
Florida Cracker Horse
Gaited Morgan
Icelandic Horse
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Mangalarga Marchador

The McCurdy Plantation Horse
Missouri Fox Trotter
Montana Travler
Mountain Pleasure
North American Single-footer
Paso Fino

Peruvian Paso
Racking Horse
Rocky Mountain
Spotted Saddle
Tennessee Walking Horse

Tiger Horse
Virginia Single-footers


Our Breed Profiles are an on-going project. Each Breed Profile is added to the website as it appears in the actual print magazine of The Gaited Horse. With 50 or so breeds to cover in four issues per year, it may be some time before we cover your breed in the Breed Profiles, but we do cover all gaited breeds in each and every issue of The Gaited Horse.

If you don't see your breed listed here, and would like to contribute information, either for an article, or an upcoming Breed Profile, we would love to hear from you!