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Get The Most From Your Ad!

Three seconds ... that's about how long a reader will allow for a single page in a magazine. That's how long that page has to grab their interest, before they reach for the next page. Will your ad stop them?

Three seconds is just enough time for the image to jump off the page and get the reader's attention. A strong visual stimulates the brain, beckoning the reader to take a longer look and 3 becomes 6, then 20 ... you've got him! Rather than turn the page, the hand that reaches up, firmly folds the corner over, pressing down to seal a crease ... marking the page for future reference. Or better yet, reaches for the phone to call YOU.

Launching a successful advertising campaign takes more than just a pretty horse and rider ... it's a little more complicated than that. There are several factors which need to work together in order to create positive "name recognition." Here's what works.

* A great photo. A picture powerful enough to capture the reader's attention is the key to a high impact ad. The horse must look outstanding in pose, setting, lighting - every aspect. We can only retouch so much. For professional results, start with a professional photo.

* A quality "product." Don't waste a great photo on a dud of a horse. Our readers know the difference and fancy graphics and enhancements can't correct real flaws. It's our job to make your exceptional horse, rider or trainer shine, not cover up problems.

* Intriguing display. Different is good! A print ad that is unique, cutting edge and doesn't look like everyone else's makes all the difference in getting noticed.

* Be concise. Keep the message clear and concise. Many people believe that if there is some blank space on a page they are wasting money. In fact, too much information is overwhelming, looks cluttered or crammed, and can turn readers off.

* Don't over do it. Graphics and colors can turn a humdrum ad into a work of art, but be careful that you don't overdo the special effects.

* Include a website. Your ad (the one with the crease in the right hand corner) is one that stood out from the rest. Give the reader more. A webpage gives the interested reader a chance to research you and your horse instantly. Five minutes after he first saw your ad in our magazine, he can be at your website, never having had to sift through search engine results.

* Have a campaign strategy. Of course we'd say this, but you really do need to advertise consistently. Repeated exposure to your ad creates a sense of familiarity and trust in the readers. After all, if it's in print, readers believe, you are in business for the long haul. Of course, your ad depends on your budget, and while one carefully timed ad is better than none at all, successful ad campaigns are those that are seen often and by the right people.

* Be choosy. Selecting the right publication is vital to your ad's success. Unless readers are "into" your type of horse, your carefully crafted ad may be ignored. Likewise, "preaching to the choir," or advertising only within your own circle, will not expand your market. Advertising in The Gaited Horse ensurses that your ad is seen by people who care about gaited horses and who represent an expanding market. We want your ad to be as successful as you do, because ads that don't work for you, won't do either of us any good.