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We are the world's leading publication about gaited horses.

Currently distributing 15,000 copies per issue, The Gaited Horse reaches over 35,000 readers, specifically interested in gaited horses and related topics. People largely ignored by other publications.

OUR READERS have a flair for the unusual with a keen eye for the practical. They appreciate comfort, quality and originality. Your ad in TGH will reach an audience you can't reach anywhere else!

  • Approximately 75% women. Over 65% in their 40s.
  • Financially successful with disposable time and money. Nearly 20% of readers earn $100,000 per year. Most (68%) earn $50,000 or more per year.
  • Involved. Nearly 20% show or compete in equine events, 17% raise horses, 85% pleasure ride.
  • Loyal. Many discovered gaited horses due to injury, illness or age related problems, and in them found new hope. We are proud to be a regular, reliable, responsive part of their lives.

OUR DISTRIBUTION is International. TGH is available almost anywhere by subscription and in over 1,000 retail outlets throughout the US and Canada, Panama and Spain.

OUR CONTENT focuses on interests specific to gaited horse enthusiasts. We are devoted exclusively to naturally gaited horses, featuring articles on training, breeding, riding, how-to, history, news and more. Upcoming features include:

  • Spring
    Single-footers in the Netherlands, Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Surgery, Spotted Saddle Horse Drill Team, The Gaited Horse in History, Driving Gaited Horses, Mangalarga Marchadores...
  • Summer
    Treating DSLD, Amazing Greys, Age Appropriate Training, Gaiting in Greece, Curly Horses, Thread in Gait, The Horseman's Eye, Training at a Standstill...
  • Fall
    Gaiting the High Country, Saddle Fit Tips for Gaited Horses, The "T" Word: To Trot or Not to Trot, Common Conformational Myths, Running an Association, Working with Gaited Mules...
  • Winter
    Traditional Paso Training, Older Riders' Guide to Gaited Horses, Appreciating the Fox Trot, Get Sponsored!, Gait Genetics, The Top Gaited Horses of the Year...

TGH reserves the right to cancel, postpone, substitute or advance the order of editorial content.