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We design your ad - FREE!

Ads created by TGH are for use in TGH only, but may be purchased separately for other uses.

We provide one proof by fax, hard copy or email for your approval. Ads not acknowledged by the advertiser within three working days will run "as is." One set of changes is allowed at no additional charge. Extra changes will be billed at our discounted graphic design rate.
If you will be providing any part of your ad electronically, see below for specific requirements.


Design your own ad by following our specifications.

ACCEPTABLE FORMATS (All files must be built at 300 dpi or higher.)

We accept ads: *QuarkXPress *Photoshop *PDF *EPS or TIFF or MacIntosh.

We cannot accept ads in Publisher, Word, BMP, GIF, or PICT or other "desktop" or PC formats.

We reserve the right to edit or redesign any advertisement that fails to meet our standards.

Files that do not meet our specifications may incur additional design charges for correction.

IMAGES Be sure to include all images with your digital ad. Minimum resolution for all graphic images is 300 dpi. Please don't enlarge images as this lowers the resolution. You cannot "increase" the dpi of an image by manipulating the file. We cannot accept artwork taken from the Internet.

COLOR 4-color ads must be in CMYK. RGB and/or Pantone colors will be converted, subject to discounted graphic design time charges. We cannot guarantee color accuracy for converted images. Black and white ads must be in grayscale, any color will be converted and charged accordingly.

FONTS Include all screen and printer font files - Use Macintosh PostScript Type 1 fonts. Other fonts (e.g. PC fonts, TrueType) will be substituted with a matching Mac PS font at the discounted designer rate.

SUBMISSION We accept digital files via: 1. Zip 100 MB Disk 2. CDRom 3. E-Mail*

* E-mail submitted ads must be arranged in advance of sending the file. No files larger than 4 MB please. Send a hard copy proof with your digital ad. A black and white photocopy or fax is sufficient to proof ad content only. If you require accurate color proofing, send an Iris proof or other SWOP certified proof.


Spring: January 15
Summer: April 15
Fall: July 15
Winter: October 15
On Sale: March 15 - June 14
June 15 - Sept. 14
Sept 15 - Dec 14
Dec 15 - March 14

Due to our commitments to our printers and distributors deadlines are non-negotiable.